"Elements: Soul of Fire" was a collaboration between my father and I. He played most of the music, while I added bits where I could and assisted in the composition of some tracks, most notably the recurring main theme. I myself designed all of the game's characters, monsters, world locations, battle backgrounds, and so on, as well as the sprites, graphics, and tilesets for each. I also wrote the story and all of the dialogue... in addition to actually, y'know, putting it all together!


Being made with RPG Maker XP, the programming (RGSS scripts) was built into the engine itself. Some of the panoramic vistas are program defaults; you can probably tell which ones I did. I made numerous variations on the default battle animations (and one new one, or half of one anyway, the Infernal Dragon). Other things like fog overlays on the maps, BGS files (ambient/environmental noise) and sound effects are engine defaults as well (actually, a few of those are original). If this isn't making sense to you, don't worry; it's really only for those in the RPG Maker community to understand. Special thanks to Enterbrain for these resources and for the awesome RPG Maker series!


"Elements: Soul of Fire" was conceived as part of an expansive series; just the first chapter in an epic story. The characters, events, and mythology of the game are tied to an overarching timeline that spans generations. Indeed, I have archives of character designs and literally hundreds of documents containing scripts and scenarios that outline my vision for future installments in great detail. It's been more than a decade in the making altogether (actual development began in 2006, but the concepts existed long before that).


In short, I've poured 110% of my heart and soul into this game and the series it promises. It's my earnest hope that you can be somehow enriched by it all. I also hope that you'll support me in the realization of my vision.


This is only the beginning. Let's forge a path to the future!