Here's a basic rundown of the special features of the game:


   •  70+ hours of gameplay, including multiple side quests


   •  Deeply emotional story driven by character development and interpersonal



   •  21 playable characters


   •  Over 90 original music tracks featuring Kenny Zink on acoustic guitar


   •  Hundreds of enemies and monsters to discover and defeat—from the endearing

       Chibi to the menacing Hellbender


   •  (collectively) Hundreds of accessories, weapons, and pieces of armor to find and

       outfit your characters with for various stat bonuses and benefits


   •  Enter the Party Ball! Change your party virtually anywhere, talk to your friends to

       gain insight into their thoughts and feelings, and even get clues about hidden

       scenes for additional character development


   •  Summon the three Behemoths—land, sea, and sky—to travel the world and

       explore new places


   •  Action and puzzle elements throughout the game—including mine cart rides,

       water slides, ice sliding, and other tests of reflexes/dexterity and brainpower


   •  Upon completion of the game, unlock the Sketch Gallery, including concept art

       and background information


   •  Upon completion of the game, unlock the Arena Challenge—fight until you drop

       for prizes and high scores


   •  Find and defeat the hidden superbosses for the greatest challenge of the game