Here are a few issues I can see tripping some people up...


"I can't beat this boss!"

If you just can't seem to defeat a certain enemy or boss, try changing your armor and/or accessories to protect yourself against the types of attacks it uses or to prevent pesky status ailments it keeps inflicting on you. Don't forget that you command a small army of characters, too! If your party just isn't cutting it, give someone else a shot; their unique skills and talents just might prove to be exactly what you needed. If all else fails, try gaining a few levels. You'll gain health, stats, and skills that could make all the difference.


"I forgot to save and lost a bunch of progress!"

Be sure to save your game often. Whenever you beat a boss, upgrade your equipment, find an important item/weapon/piece of armor or accessory, or if you just suspect something dangerous might be lurking around the corner. As well, you should save your game every so often just in case something unexpected happens.


"What is all this stuff?"

Check everything you can. This includes checking not just treasure chests, but also boxes, barrels, closets, and so on. You'll discover a wealth of gold and many useful items and equipment that can't be bought in shops!


"What's with all these people?"

Talk to everyone you meet. Non-player characters (like townspeople and such) often provide critical information about your next objective, world lore, or even secrets you might not otherwise know about.


"Why spend my money?"

ALWAYS be sure to buy the best equipment you can afford. Don't forget to equip it, either! This is a fundamental aspect of role-playing games. Also, be careful when selling your old stuff at shops. You may not be able to get some things back, and they could be useful again in the future, under different circumstances (such as an accessory that increases resistance to a certain Element).


"I don't know what to do!"

The world is huge, and there are many different paths to take. If you're ever lost, the Helper Chibi in the Party Ball is your constant companion, offering general advice as well as suggestions on where to go next. Conversing with your allies may also yield helpful hints.


In-game, Reikya Academy is a useful source of information for anyone new to role-playing game mechanics. And even "seasoned vets" should visit at least once!


Good luck!! ^_^


Save Data Transfer


Some people have had issues with the transfer of save data from the trial version to the full version of the game. I did not foresee such issues, and I apologize for the trouble you may be experiencing. Elements was developed on the Windows XP operating system, and while I myself experienced no such issues, due to the many different operating environments (and later operating systems), the save data transfer does not work as intended. It's still possible, but it's not quite as convenient. If I am not able to help you, again, I sincerely apologize.


In my own experience with Windows XP, when the game is saved, the save data is created directly within the game folder as a file that you can copy and paste. So it was possible to copy the files from the trial version to the full version, or theoretically between different installations of the two versions (however, I don't recommend that you attempt to copy full version save data back to the trial version!) simply by copying the file and pasting it into a different folder.


However, depending on your environment (not to mention later operating systems), this may not be the case. I have found a different method of doing this, though it may not work for everyone. And if it doesn't work for you, again, I am very sorry.


The following method worked for me on Windows 7:


STEP 1: Find where you installed the trial version.

By default, C:\Program Files\Elements - Soul of Fire ~TRIAL VERSION~


STEP 2: Under the address bar, click the "Compatibility files" button. This will take you to the AppData folder for the trial version, where the save data may be stored. Alternatively, try finding this directory (type/copy/edit it in the address bar):

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Elements - Soul of Fire ~TRIAL VERSION~


STEP 3: Once in the AppData folder, you will hopefully see your save data ("Save1", "Save2", etc.; the file extension by the way is ".rxdata"). Right-click and copy it, then go to the directory where you installed the full version.

By default, C:\Program Files\Elements - Soul of Fire


STEP 4: You COULD paste the save data directly into this folder. If you do, run the game and make sure "Continue" is selectable and that your save data is there. If it's not, you may need to paste the save data into the AppData folder for the full version:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Elements - Soul of Fire


Once the save data is there, you will (hopefully) be able to continue the game you started in the trial version.


Once more, I sincerely apologize for the trouble you may be experiencing, and I am so, so grateful that you liked my game enough to purchase it. Your support means more to me than I can say!


NOTE: Depending on your operating environment, you may need administrative permissions to perform any or all of the above tasks.