The setting of "Elements: Soul of Fire" is Adamaria, an archipelago south of the great continent of Mesomia. Home to more than a dozen islands, it is a land blessed with diverse landscapes and thriving culture.


Four dominant powers are situated near the center of the archipelago, for it is believed to be a place which is closely connected to the heavens. These powers include the kingdoms of Alavon and Winstar, and the empires of Fiyara and Glymac. Alavon and Winstar mutually benefit from a peaceful alliance, while the industrial Glymac seeks to broaden its horizons and treat with them; whether its intentions are benevolent or slightly more "ambitious" is unclear. Fiyara is allied with Glymac, though it mostly keeps to its own affairs. Rumors suggest that Fiyara's government is becoming more and more unstable, leading its people into a bloody age of rebellion.


Outlying, independent nations include the snowbound isle of Arean; Haine, a country
formed by colonists from Glymac; Ikory, formerly under the authority of the Glymacian Empire; Hobo, a refuge for people who wish to escape oppressive rule; the beautiful island of Cambria; and the frigid Islan. Then there's the mysterious Behgar - a place where no outsider dares to tread, for fear of a deadly curse said to haunt the island.


Here's an assortment of interesting locations from around Adamaria:


You begin your adventure in the city of Reikya, on the southwestern edge of Arean Forest. On the southeastern edge is the Arean Tundra, where many explorers have disappeared seeking the treasure of a lost civilization.



A wide-open area that connects the many regions of Alavon.

In the center lives the kind "Granny," an elderly woman who houses travelers.



A volcanic mountain in northeast Alavon.

The ruins of the ancient Kingdom of Ashe lie deep within the crater.



A gaping chasm in central Winstar from which blows tempestuous winds.

Mt. Gareth, where the Air Guardian Ziz dwells, is to the north.



An enchanted forest on the island of Ikory that glows in a rainbow of colors.

Kyubi, the Guardian of the Moon, lives here.



A canyon that runs through most of Haine Island.

Mysterious stone statues dot the landscape.



Part of a mountain range in Mesomia. Meteors often fall here.

At the summit is the Lake of Stars, where the Guardian of the Stars, Quetzalcoatl, resides.



A fishing port on the coast of Mesomia.

Nino Bay is a colony of the Fiyaran Empire.



The untamed wilds of Hobo Island.

The dreaded "great lizards" make their home here.



A tower as high as the sky, in the center of Cambria.

Legends say an ancient king of the aquatic Merrow race built it to house his treasures.




A frozen forest beyond a vast snowfield. In the middle of the forest is an icy lake where a Guardian is said to dwell.



A lone peak rising from the depths of a vast ocean forgotten by time.

A divine energy permeates this place.